History & Mathematics: Historical and Technologocal Dynamics: Factors, Cycles, and Trends (2022)

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Код А-1/7
Издательство Учитель, 2022
Серия Для студентов и преподавателей
ISBN 978-5-7057-6106-7
Страниц 287
Штрихкод 9785705761067
Размеры (Ш x В x Т) 140 x 210 x 12 (мм)
Обложка припрессовка глянцевой плёнкой
Переплёт мягкая, склейка
Вес 294 г
The present Yearbook is subtitled Historical and Technological Dynamics: Factors, Cycles, and Trends. Its articles demonstrate different forms, patterns, and modes of evolutionary development of societies and their subsystems both over very long periods (in fact, the whole historical process) and over relatively short time intervals. We believe that without an in-depth analysis of the forms and mechanisms of development, it is more difficult to understand both the dynamics of the historical process and many contemporary issues rooted in history.
The issue consists of three sections: (I) Long-term Dynamics Factors; (II) Political Cyclicity and Trends; (III) Technological Dynamics and Phases.
We hope that this issue will be interesting and useful both for historians and mathematicians, as well as for all those dealing with various social and natural sciences.

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